Monday, March 11, 2013

Burglaries Missing In Sun City This Season

There's been something missing from Huntley police blotters this year, burglaries similar to the rash that beset Sun City last year.  Huntley PD Chief John Perkins said Friday there's a reason: police warned them off.

Investigators now believe last year's string ran to 16 burglaries including two attempts, said Perkins. This season there've only been two that look similar.  "There was one in late November and one in December," said the Chief.

"We found forensic evidence," Perkins said.  Not enough to bring formal charges, but good enough to link the crimes to a known burglary ring that operates in a five-state area from Wisconsin to Ohio.  "There's probably a dozen or 15 of them," said Perkins.  "They're all related.  There were probably four or five of them that were working here. They liked Huntley.  It's got lots of elderly people and it's close to the Tollway."

This Summer, "We surveiled them," Perkins said but the bad guys were careful. "They're professionals," he said.  "They switched cars, they switched people."  In fact, several other Chicago area departments had an eye on the group, too, but none could come up with enough to make a case, Perkins said. "We spent a lot of manhours," he said grimly. Finally, Huntley investigators tried something different. In Perkins delicate phrasing, "We reached out to them."

"Obviously they're not going to give us a confession but we told them we suspected them and they all have a record, that we knew all about them," Perkins said.

It seems to have done the trick.  "I think that, along with heightened citizen awareness," said the Huntley Chief.  Perkins said even if the bad guys may have gone somewhere else it's still important for residents to keep their eyes open in case they come back.  "If you see something suspicious, call us," said Perkins.  "Right away."

In the pic:  Huntley PD's Chris Pischotta patrolling Sun City this weekend on the lookout for suspicious activity.

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