Thursday, February 14, 2013

LITH Board To OK New Gas, Convenience, Carwash Complex

The Lake in the Hills Board is expected to give final approval this evening for an annexation and a special use permit for a big new gas station, convenience store and car wash on Algonquin Road.  The Board and Planning and Zoning Commission held a joint hearing on the plan before giving an initial thumbs up Tuesday.

Grove Mart on Algonquin Road across from Wentworth Drive will feature 16 pumps, a 4,000 square foot store and 4,700 square-foot carwash. The price to bring it all into the Village is an agreement for developers to pay either 5 percent of the cost or $50,000--whichever comes first--to build a new bike path between Algonquin and Miller Roads.  That would be half of the Village's share of the path--assuming a grant ever becomes available to pay for the rest of it.

Trustee's split the difference on Grove Mart's request for a big sign to alert motorists where it is.  Grove Mart wanted a really big one since the new site's somewhat hidden from westbound traffic.  The Board OK'ed one to match the size of the CVS pharmacy sign further west.

In the pic:  LITH's new Grove Mart will look a lot like this one on Randall Road in Elgin.


mattmac said...

Am I the only one who thinks it's insane that LITH can extort a $50,000 kick back for a bike path just so that this company can have the privilege to sell gas in town? This isn't a charity. The business will pass the extorted cost on to its customers (i.e. the residents of LITH and surrounding areas) through higher prices. In other words, it's a stupid tax for something stupid that out elected officials stupidly think we need.

Anonymous said...

+1 Mattmac!

Anonymous said...

Here's how local government works (for the previous posters). New businesses help fund infrastructure projects so as to keep residential tax rates down and to benefit their own business. If the new businesses want to come into a community so bad, they must be willing to pay for improvements that eventually will help their business. In this case, the bike path allows others north of Algonquin Rd to access the businesses by having a safe path down Lakewood. Developers had to include parks and water towers in order to make money off the homes they sold in every subdivision. Put another way: If these businesses did not pay for these infrastructure developments, your taxes would be much higher OR we would do without the bike paths and other infrastructure improvements, making this a less desirable area in which to live.

Anonymous said...

"In this case, the bike path allows others north of Algonquin Rd to access the businesses by having a safe path down Lakewood." You must be a politician of some sort. I guess all those bike riders are going to travel safely to the new gas station and car wash to buy gas and was their bikes? I agree with the first poster. The third poster must be running for some office.

Anonymous said...

Ya, and new business doesn't pass it along to the consumer either!

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of the Shell in Elgin on Randall?