Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skala Will Leave D158 Board Of Ed Post Early

Newly-elected District Five McHenry County Board Member Mike Skala announced Wednesday he plans to resign as President of the D158 Board of Education "at least by Dec. 3." due to a conflict between the two offices.

Skala said he'd hoped to stay with the Board of Ed until an important and long-running lawsuit over construction of the District's Square Barn Road Campus in 2005 was resolved. "That's not possible," Skala said he found, even though the end is likely to come within a few months.

Illinois statutes don't specifically prohibit holding the two offices at the same time, but they do bar holding two "incompatible" offices simultaneously. Skala said a check last week with the State's Attorney's Office turned up a 1993 Illinois Attorney General's opinion saying, since it was possible to conceive of situations in which there'd be a conflict of interests, a County Board member can't be a Board of Education member, too.  Skala said a further inquiry to the AG found a more recent, albeit non-citable, opinion that reached the same conclusion.

Coincidentally, on the same ballot that saw Skala come in as the top vote-getter in District Five last week, there was also a referendum about holding two public offices simultaneously.  McHenry County voters gave a nine to one thumbs down to the idea but it was only an advisory question, in effect, a public opinion poll.

Skala said he might turn in his resignation as early as Tuesday when the D158 Board has a meeting tentatively scheduled to deal with the proposed new teachers' contract.  Whenever he quits, Skala said, he'd still like to see the lawsuit through to its finish and thought the rest of the Board did, too.  He said one way out of the dilemma might be that, "They could appoint me to act on their behalf," in the case.

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Anonymous said...

About time! With his reluctance to resign and learning of his support for Ken Koehler, I was wishing I could take back my vote!

Anonymous said...

The district has a well paid lawfirm and he can do a deposition whether he is on the board or not.

Cut the baloney.

Anonymous said...

The county pays the school district doesn't I see the conflict.