Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Late Ballots Add To Algonquin Aggregation "No" Vote

The Village of Algonquin canceled a public hearing Tuesday on municipal electrical aggregation after absentee ballots added two more "no" votes to the total that turned down a referendum to authorize the plan two weeks ago.

Algonquin voters rejected the measure, promising to lower their electric bills, by only nine votes in the March 20 Primary so Village officials scheduled the hearing just in case mail-in votes changed the outcome. Tuesday was the deadline for late ballots, however, and only two more, both in Kane County and both against, slid through the mail slot.  The new, albeit still-uncanvassed, totals were 1,567 for Algonquin aggregation, 1578 against, officials said.

Village President John Schmitt observed that residents can still sign up with a cheaper electric supplier on their own but, with the failure of the referendum, the Village can't do it for them.  The vote was so close, however, Schmitt said the Board might take another try at it.  "We might be able to get this back in the November election," he said.

At Tuesday's Village Board meeting Trustees approved Algonquin's 2012-13 Budget.  For the fiscal year starting May 1 Algonquin plans to spend $18.4 million, the same amount it hopes to take in after cutting this year's property tax levy 1.1 percent.

In the pic:  Tuesday's hearing on electrical aggregation in Algonquin probably would have been pretty perfunctory even it it hadn't been canceled.  It was only scheduled to last 10 minutes.


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