Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grafton Special Meet Collapses, Annual One Upholds Buyback Plan

Grafton Supervisor Linda Moore's Special Meeting to force the immediate transfer of the Grafton office complex back to the Township opened in near chaos and closed with no action Tuesday. An hour later at the regular Annual Meeting, electors voted to "reconfirm" the plan they'd approved last year. Only about 160 people appeared for the meetings at Heineman School Middle School, around 100 fewer than showed up for a similar doubleheader one year ago.

Grafton Clerk Harriet Ford called the Special Meeting to order about 10 minutes after its scheduled 6 pm start.  Moore foe Pam Fender immediately shouted out a motion to adjourn it.  Ten minutes of catcalls and recrimination followed.  Moore, who had no official function at the meeting, wrestled the microphone from Ford and announced the meeting she herself had called, certified and posted, should not be held because it was "not properly noticed."  Ford retrieved the mike and called for a voice vote on Fender's motion.  The "ayes" were louder than the "no's" but not clearly more numerous, so she had three helpers do a head count. It turned out to be 87 to 75 to adjourn.

Later,  Moore told FEN after she was unable to get Ford to do it, she herself had posted the Special Meeting notice but not at three locations as State law requires, so it wasn't legal.  Ford later said she never even saw the petitions for the Special Meeting until after Moore'd posted the notice.  "I did ask for a lawyer," Ford said but she claimed Moore wouldn't let her consult one.

About 30 people drifted away after the Special Meeting while another 25 or so filtered in for the regular 7 pm Annual Meeting.  That one began about five minutes late.  Electors picked Huntley resident Marci Gordon for moderator, then wrangled for a while about being governed by Robert's
 Rules of Order.

After approving last year's minutes, the next item on the agenda was reading the Supervisor's financial report for the Township but Huntley resident Sean Smith moved to waive it on the premise the Township books haven't been audited for the last two years.  Argument followed about whether that was the fault of Moore or trustees and whether the audits provided any useful information, anyway. Insofar as the Annual Meeting was concerned, electors decided they didn't and voted to skip reading the report.  They skipped the Road District's financial report, too.

On the "reconfirming" resolution, essentially the flipside of Moore's Special Meeting measure to  buy back the Township Complex immediately, residents voted four to one to let stand the current agreement to pay off the Road District.  The vote was 99 to 23.

Grafton Township's agony will continue today when McHenry County Judge Thomas Meyer hears motions in Highway Commissioner Jack Freund's lawsuit against Moore for not paying rent on the complex. An hour later he'll hear motions in Grafton Assessor Bill Ottley's suit against Moore for not paying his bills.  Thursday Judge Michael Caldwell's scheduled to hear arguments about terms of a permanent injunction in Moore's suit against the rest of the Board for interfering with how she wants to run the Township.

In the pic:  Grafton residents voted overwhelmingly not to overturn a contract to finish buying back the Township Offices by next March.


Anonymous said...

Dear Grafton TWP Supervisor Linda Moore,
We know you have the power to file yet another lawsuit because of your defeat last night. Please resist the urge to do so. Towards the end of yesterday’s meeting a young man came forward and commented that he was working two jobs in order to raise his family and pay his taxes. He asked that this legal nonsense stop. Please listen to this man. Please refrain. Please don’t file anymore lawsuits.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please call for a halt to her authority until a mental evaluation can be performed. I am concerned for all who come in contact with her as she seems to be a functioning SOCIOPATH.

Anonymous said...

For the most part, I was impressed with the civility of the audience this year. While there were outbursts here and there, it was not the mayhem that ensued a couple years ago. For the first time in years, people actually LISTENED to speakers. Now if only "Milktoast Moore" would just do her job and fulfill her legal obligation to getting these audits completed rather than impeding progress...

Anonymous said...

Milktoast? More like Bilktoast!

Anonymous said...

This woman is a joke! She has no idea what she her job is. Sit down, shut up, and sign checks dummy!

Anonymous said...

Lawsuit Linda does not listen to anyone, she thinks she is above the law,ask her in-laws! She refused xxxxxxxxxxxxx is being kept. Sun City residents listen up and do not believe her lies! Good job by those who stood up to Linda Moore.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking she's a magician it appears like she can turn taxpayers and people with Alzheimers into ATM machines

Jim said...

I was so aggravated by the Grafton “meeting notices” in my mailbox
and Moore’s RoboCalls the other night. I thought, given the constant bad press, why would *anyone* waste their time on a township "meeting"??

I knew the 04/10 meetings would be a joke.

Sure enough, my predictions came true (more bad press) . . .

“… meeting opened in near chaos and closed with no action…’

“…Only about 160 people appeared for the meetings…”

“…Moore, who had no official function at the meeting, wrestled the microphone from Ford…”

“…About 30 people drifted away…”

Based on the township calendar , the township performs three primary services:

-- AARP safe driving courses
-- Senior Bingo
-- Shreding Services

Oh,also, they waste our money.

What an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

"Based on the township calendar , the township performs three primary services:

-- AARP safe driving courses
-- Senior Bingo
-- Shreding Services"

That's just what Linda does. There is so much potential for townships that are run properly.