Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grafton Mailing Brings Electioneering Charge

A group calling itself Citizens For A Better Grafton Township threatened Wednesday to distribute fliers before Tuesday's Special Township Meeting charging Supervisor Linda Moore with illegal electioneering for a measure to buy the Township complex back from the Road District by April 20.

The group's plan comes in the wake of a Grafton Township mailing early this week including a message from Moore about the buyback measure that opponents say is false.  "This letter is political in nature," reads a reported draft of the Citizens' flier.  "It also suggests how we should vote....This is a violation of the Illinois Election Code."

The Code prohibits the use of public funds "to urge any elector to vote for or against any candidate or proposition," but does allow "dissemination of factual information."  Which is which is a judgement call, potentially even a judge's call, the reason local officials recently complained they were walking on eggs trying to inform voters about referenda last month on municipal electrical aggregation.

Moore's summary of the Special Meeting propositions, received by some residents Wednesday, links the current plan to buy back the Township complex within the next 12 months to a "4.9 percent increase in the Road District's levy."  However, the levy approved in November works out to only a 3.33 percent boost from the year before.

Moore also refers to the Road District's "paying rent for the next 20 years" but Commissioner Jack Freund's attorney, Pat Coen, said Wednesday that's wrong, too.  "The agreement is for the Road District to maintain (the complex) in lieu of rent.  To mow the grass and shovel the snow, and maintain the parking lot." he said.

Moore was unavailable for comment, Wednesday afternoon, out of her office.

Who constitutes Citizens For A Better Grafton Township may not be evident until Tuesday.  An Internet search found no reference to the group at all until a blogpage headed with its name appeared this morning at about 2 am.  At 7 am all it contained were the agendas for Grafton Township's regular Annual Meeting Tuesday at Heineman Middle School at 7pm and for the Special Meeting there one hour before.

In the pic:  Last year's Special Township Meeting only drew about 250 residents.


Anonymous said...

About time! Her agenda are lies, lies, lies!

Anonymous said...

How much will THIS fiasco cost us?!

Citizens for a Better Grafton Township said...

Anonymous said...

Talk about old video. Where is last years electors meeting?

That blog was way too wordy. Get the point and don't overload us with so much minutia.

We all get the "Super" is aweful but she's like Teflon on charges ever stick!

Citizens for a Better Grafton Township said...

Anon @ 11:18

It's easy to become apathetic in this kind of situation especially when you feel you're being railroaded. That's when we all must be extra vigilant.

The 2011 annual meeting video is said to be available on the supervisors website. That file is corrupt and cannot be viewed.

Some of the agenda items for this years meeting have to do with decisions that were made by the electors at both the 2010 and 2011 annual meetings.

Keep checking back. I'll try to provide information in small doses as not to seem too you suggest.