Friday, April 6, 2012

First Huntley Aggregation Hearing Packs Board Room

About 90 Huntley residents packed the Board room Thursday for the first of two hearings about the Village's newly-authorized electrical aggregation plan.

While many McHenry County communities rejected aggregation, Huntley's was among those that passed and the hearing was supposed to supply details on what to expect.  However, many, like exactly how much it'll save homeowners and for how long aren't known yet.  Huntley will be a member of the Northern Illinois Governmental Electric Aggregation Consortium a regional electrical aggregator and that group doesn't have a supply contract yet said Mark Burns, President of Independent Energy Consultants, Inc. That's the energy brokerage NIGEAC picked to negotiate one.

Burns said the contract would likely run for two years and provide a savings of 20 to 30 percent off the current average 7.73 cent per kilowatt hour price.  Since the bids from suppliers aren't even in yet, it depends, he said, but, "No one expects ComEd to match the offers you'll be getting," Burns said.

One woman asked an important question for residents in Sun City where many have already individually signed up with alternate energy suppliers promising big savings.  What's going to happen to them?  They'll be culled out, Burns said.  Municipal aggregation's for people getting their power under the State's current electric contracts.

If NIGEAC's deal turns out to be better than the individual ones already in force, residents might be able to cancel and "opt in" to the Huntley aggregation, Burns said, although they might have to pay a penalty to their current power supplier.

That prompted Mayor Chuck Sass to point to an aggregation ambiguity first reported by FEN.  When the program starts, Huntley residents will have 21 days to get out of it again, that is, keep everything just the way it is at no charge.  If they change their minds later on, though, they might have to pay to leave.  "I heard all along and was led to believe there wouldn't be anything," said Sass.  There might not be, Burns replied, that's something else that's still to be negotiated.

Burns' Powerpoint presentation at the hearing is located here:

A second hearing is set at Huntley Village Hall next Thursday at 7 pm.

In the pic:  Thursday's Huntley hearing on electrical aggregation was heavy with Sun City residents.  An FEN analysis found that, while the referendum passed by 830 votes overall, the margin was 1,210 in Sun City precincts.

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Anonymous said...

I meeting with no specific details. Great!

Sass was misinformed go figure?

Old people thinking they'll save tons of money. Suckers!

Mark Burns, President of Independent Energy Consultants, Inc the only one who stands to make money off this boondoggle.