Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Algonquin Rainbow Restaurant Finally Opens

A year in the making, Algonquin's Rainbow Restaurant and Pancake House was scheduled to open this morning in Algonquin's Fox River Center on South Main Street.  Owner Nick Dimetrelis has been remodeling the location since last Spring.  "You want to make it good," he explained.  "You want to make it perfect."

Monday Rainbow still wasn't perfect ("We've got enough knives but we don't have enough forks," Maria Dimetrelis suddenly informed her husband) but the proprietor of Elmhurst's 27-year old sister Rainbow Restaurant thought it was perfect enough.  "We have 50 to 80 people a day checking when are we going to open," he explained.

Demetrelis's choice of location was an easy one, he said.  "Everybody else, it's Randall, Randall.  This (Main Street) is the original Algonquin.  This is where business needs to be."  That and he and his wife own the Fox River Center in the first place.  Dimetrelis is hoping Rainbow will generate a little synergy.

"Everything's homemade with the best ingredients," said Dimetrelis.  "I believe in quality.  I believe in the best service.  I believe in the best people."

What he didn't believe in was whether Rainbow's "Open" sign was big enough.  "You really think it ought to be bigger?" he asked.

After a year's wait, yeah, probably.

In the pic:  Algonquin Rainbow Restaurant and Pancake House owner Nick Dimetrelis and wife Maria worked Monday afternoon to get things ready for this morning's customers.


Anonymous said...

If it's anything like the Elmhurst Rainbow Restaurant, I'm there -- delicious! :-)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a very professional and very clean operation. Will stop in soon. Thanks First Electric News; were it not for your site, I'd not have known about this.

First Electric Newspaper LLC said...

It's part of what local newspapers used to be for.--ed.

Anonymous said...

We ate their this week! Food was fantastic, and so was our server Jan!