Tuesday, February 28, 2012

D300 Chills Out On Levy Freeze Bill

After a meeting Monday of D300's revamped Legislative Committee, Co-Chair and Board Member Steve Fiorentino said while the District still plans individual meetings soon with district legislators, a bill to freeze tax levies won't top the agenda. After Monday's Board meeting, District Superintendent Michael Bregy told FEN, "There are enough people who have mobilized now to demonstrate the amount of opposition from school districts."

The Illinois House in a surprise vote last week approved a bill that would eliminate any tax levy inflation increase if a district's underlying assessments flatlined or fell.  Bregy said according to the latest information, the bill, introduced by McHenry County State Rep. Jack Franks, is just a showpiece for the March 20 Primary.  "What we're hearing is that it's going to be a dead bill (in the Senate)."

Fiorentino said the District's still planning a trip down to Springfield later this year but probably not until April.

At Monday's meeting, administrators formally recommended no increase in student fees for the  2012-13 school year except for Pre-K and Kindergarten tuition increases.  Chief Financial Officer Cheryl Crates said those needed to go up a little to cover costs and stay in line with charges in other districts.

Administrators also announced they'd hired away D158's Marlowe Middle School Assistant Principal, Kurt Rohlwing, to become the new Principal at D300's Hampshire Middle School.  The D158 teacher, coach and administrator topped 69 other applicants for the post they said.

In the the pic: Seven-year D158 vet Kurt Rohlwing met his new bosses, the D300 Board of Education, here shaking hands with Chairman Anne Miller with Secretary Karen Roeckner behind.


Anonymous said...

I'm mobilized to support this bill.
This is a great bill it will provide releif to taxpayers from greedy school districts and other taxing bodies.

Anonymous said...

This bill is the first real attempt to address out of control spending by public bodies; school districts taking the biggest slice of the pie. Look at every taxing body on your tax bill and ask "what have you really done for the taxpayers" and "what have you done for yourself?"

Anonymous said...

This bill is nothing more that a blatant publicity stunt to garner votes in an election year. The Senate co-sponsor came out and said so.

This is an example of Illinois state government pushing their problems off onto the local governing bodies, and doing nothing to clean up their own mess

Anonymous said...

This bill is tax relief at the "local" level. DUH!!!

Anonymous said...

Most local government entities are much more efficient in the use of your tax dollars than Springfield is.

Go ahead, drink the cool-aide. This bill is nothing more than a blatant attempt to get your vote. It was DOA in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Hey the Bald Blogger came for some credible news. Stop using "drink the cool-aide" it's old and lame I think Pete should ban it.

I do agree that most local government entities are much more efficient at wasting tax dollars. Don't be so bitter that Franks has a job in politics and you don't