Thursday, January 26, 2012

LITH Youth Among Three Arrested For Vandalism Spree

A Lake in the Hills youth was among three persons charged Wednesday after a mailbox and car-smashing spree Saturday and Sunday in Crystal Lake.  Police said they connected the trio to at least two dozen acts of vandalism to eight vehicles and 16 mailboxes, damages collectively exceeding $3,000.

Crystal Lake police said  Cleveland L. Wiggins and  Zachary J. Mecko, both 18, both from Crystal Lake, and the LITH boy were in a car they stopped after a salt truck driver saw someone bashing a stop sign with a crowbar Sunday evening.

Wiggins and Mecko were each charged with two counts of criminal damage to property and released after posting $150 bond.  The LITH youth was charged with only one count and released to his parents.

In the pic: Wiggins (left) and Mecko



Anonymous said...

Little scum bags throw the book at them. make their parents feel it in their check books.

First Electric Newspaper LLC said...

Let's bear in mind the presumption of innocence. Some of us who live in glass houses might also remember the stupid things we did when we were kids.--ed.