Thursday, December 15, 2011

Local Rep. Survey Finds Support For Medical Marijuana

State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) Wednesday released the results of a recent constituent survey including one surprising conclusion about marijuana.

“Each year I survey my stakeholders about issues that affect Illinois,” Tryon said. “The results are a great tool that helps me better represent the 64th District when I’m in Springfield.”  That, of course, will only last a few months more since Tryon was remapped out of the 64th for the next election.  He's running in the new 66th in the March Primary.

In any case, respondents about three to one opposed both borrowing and taxes to bail out the State budget, pay overdue bills and fund services.  About two to one they'd stop all new spending and three to one freeze state salaries and cut all agency budgets ten percent.  By a four to one edge they were for pension reform but opposed gaming expansion more than two to one.

Top local concerns in order were,  Taxes/Fees, the Economy, Illinois Finances, Public Services, Transportation/Roads and  Political Issues (special interests, corruption, redistricting, term limits, partisanship, transparency)

Generally the results were pretty conservative. Two to one, though, respondents supported legalizing marijuana for people with severe illnesses, a result that seems less so.

The survey was via  mail-in insert in Crystal Lake's Northwest Herald newspaper. "The results are not meant to be scientific, but only a snapshot of what people are thinking," said a Tryon spokesman.

In the pic:  Tryon at an Open House in LITH recently.

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Anonymous said...

Never voted, but no to medical marijuana.