Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walsh Announces Run Against Hultgren For New 14th District

Eighth District McHenry Republican Congressman Joe Walsh told supporters Wednesday he's decided to seek a seat in the House again in 2012, but this time for the one Winfield fellow-Republican Randy Hultgren currently holds.  Now mostly in the 16th District, Huntley and big chunks of Algonquin and Lake in the Hills will be in the 14th for 2012.

Walsh's decision will pit the Tea Party Republican who narrowly defeated Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean last year for the 8th District Seat against the more traditionally conservative Hultgren who won a term in the 14th at the same time.  Walsh cut a flamboyant figure in Washington and this year's Democratic Congressional remap somehow ended up whisking the 8th district out from under his feet, running the 14th way north to make up for it.

There's a Republican challenge to the remap but it's unlikely judges will throw it out.  Walsh's announcement said it was "unfortunate" that he had to run against Hultgren but he didn't want to chase his errant district.  Hultgren in a statement said he was "disappointed" at Walsh's decision, suggesting but not quite charging he was carpetbagging.

Republican Don Manzullo currently represents southeastern McHenry County in the 16th District. The remap morphs that one all the way over to Indiana for 2012.

In the pic: Joe Walsh at a factory tour in Marengo last month.

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Thank goodness we'll only be putting up with this dead beat dad for two years.