Friday, September 23, 2011

Grafton Board Asks More Than Asking Price For Offices Site

The Grafton Township Board after a brief closed session Thursday emerged  to decline an offer for the once-intended site of new Township Offices and make the purchaser a counter-offer instead.  The counter-price they announced was higher than the $120,000 asking price the Board set last year on the Haligus Road property, however.  They said they wanted that figure and "expenses", too.

Supervisor Linda Moore and Trustees refused to reveal the price offered for the plot of land bought for $100,000 three years ago from the Village of Lake in the Hills. Nor would they say who had made the offer or for what purpose. Moore and trustees said they didn't know if the Illinois Open Meetings Act would allow them to do that (it does) and they had no lawyer to consult on the matter. Grafton Township has been without a Township Attorney for a year now since Moore fired law firm Ancel-Glink.

The who and why is already an open secret since the LITH-based American Muslim Community Organization has already confirmed to FEN that it wants to build a mosque and community center at the Haligus site.

The Board hired Crystal Lake lawyer Michael Torchalski to handle the possible sale of the  property but they withheld details about that, too. 

In the pic:  Grafton Township's erstwhile office site may become a new Field of Dreams.



Anonymous said...

Well, that's two ways to sabotage this sale: scare away all the lawyers so you can get no advice, and raise the price on the buyer.

Why weren't these pricing considerations when the land was first put on the market? Gotta love this bait and switch. Are we also including the Brooklyn Bridge? Perhaps the "expenses" they want to recoup are the $600,000+ in taxpayer money plaintiff Moore has already spent on overall lawyer fees in her two and a half years of occupying the office.

Anonymous said...

Office site? It's a vacant lot, Duh! Always trying to stir the pot.
"The little Blogger who can"

First Electric Newspaper LLC said...

Only through whose sufferance can you make your opinion known. Is this a great country or what?--ed.