Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Respite Likely From Huntley Paving Tieups

Eight tenths of a mile of pavement in two days is hustling for a 17-ton slip paver but that's what was laid down Wednesday and Thursday on Route 47 through Huntley.  The next stage of the sprint, from Algonquin Road to Reed Road, didn't look as if it was in the cards today, even though crews worked into the evening Thursday to prep the stretch. IDOT spokesmen said it ought to be ready next week but couldn't say exactly when.

The work until dusk was unusual but Huntley Manager Dave Johnson said the Village didn't push for it.  "I think they're just trying to make the most of the good weather," he said.

In the pic:  Work to prep Route 47 for paving north of Algonquin Road was still underway at 7 pm Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Sprint? more like a slow jog.