Thursday, August 25, 2011

OK. Break's Over. Everybody Back To Work.

It was back to school for students in District 158 Wednesday, a bakers dozen short of 9,200 of them by administrators' best estimates.

Official numbers won't come for 30 days.  That's when students who registered but (presumably) moved elsewhere are subtracted out and late registrations are added in.  It's an important number since general state aid's figured at $6,119 per student on reporting day.

District 300 classes started a week and a half ago and Director of Human Resources John Light said Wednesday his district may come in somewhat above the 21,000 students originally expected.  Light speculated it might have to do with the goodness of the District's classes or the badness of the economy but conceded that, ultimately, it was just a guess.  "When they register we don't have a way to tell why," she said.

In the pic:  The wheels on the bus(es) go 'round and 'round as students head home from the first day back at Huntley High School.

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