Friday, August 26, 2011

Huntley Kreutzer Extension Hearing Due Mid-September

The Huntley Village Board reviewed plans Thursday for the Kreutzer Road extension between Route 47 and the Southward stub from Main St. Phase I conceptual planning is almost done so it's time to start climbing a lot of regulatory hurdles to allow the $4 million connecting link to be built, according to Joe Costello of Civiltech Engineering.

Chief among those is a public hearing tentatively set for Sept. 13 for public input on the plan that would, in effect, allow east-west traffic to bypass running through the heart of Huntley. After that there'd be a lot of paper shuffling among different state and federal agencies according to Costello. "It's a very cumbersome process but it's required by the Federal Highway Authority," he said. Assuming no snafus, Costello said the project might be ready to start by March of next year.


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