Friday, August 26, 2011

Grafton Auditor: "We Found Nothing Untoward"

The Grafton Township Board and spectators crammed into the meeting room at Township headquarters Thursday for a special meeting to look over a rough draft of the long-delayed audit of the Township's 2009-10 books.

Auditor Paul Thermen said so far the books were in order although he was legally prohibited from giving a final OK and report on management until he received some papers from twice-hired, twice-fired Township Attorney firm Ancel-Glink.

Thermen said the Grafton books are a nonstandard mashup of cashflow and asset accounting,  a form still relatively common among townships.  By the books his draft report found the Township and Road District together used up $116,000 worth of savings to come out even in fiscal 2009 but nobody asked about that.

The majority of the meeting involved wrangling over whether anything about the Grafton Township Food Pantry ought to be included in the 2009 report.  Split off as a non-profit corporation in 2006, the Pantry was co-located in the Township headquarters until August, 2009. Thermen said between that and a township worker helping run the Pantry he thought it looked like an "entity" of the Township.  Trustee and Pantry Board member Betty Zirk said the help was only part time and it never was part of the Township even before it became a corporation.

Saying at least five times that he wasn't an attorney Thermen adjured the Board to take some sort of legal action to separate the Pantry and the Township.  He also said analysis of the Township's fiscal 2010 books ought to be ready in a few days.

In the pic:  Auditor Paul Thermen (left) told the Grafton Board (sans Jerry McMahon who left early) Thursday, "The (2009) audit went extremely well.  We found nothing untoward."


Anonymous said...

"By the books his draft report found the Township and Road District together used up $116,000 worth of savings to come out even in fiscal 2009 but nobody asked about that."

Sounds like deficit spending to me. Considering the number of lawsuits filed by Moore, I'm surprised the deficit was this low. I guess the savings account was much larger - or 2010 will contain the much larger deficits due to Moore's monstrous legal bills.

Anonymous said...

Oh, cut the baloney. It's not "Moore's monstrous legal bills".

Ancil Glink (law firm) and the Trustees ran up those huge bills. The opposition bill total is far less.

And as to "the number of lawsuits filed by Moore" you folks just hate having to admit that other residents were also part of the first major lawsuit. Linda Moore was just one of those residents at the time. Somebody's balloon got popped big time and it left a bad relationship in its wake. The group pushing the multi-million dollar building doesn't like the group that filed the suit (American citizens, residents, taxpayers) and they aren't thrilled that the Judge found for those people (the American citizens, residents, taxpayers). In other words, the Trustees didn't get their way. Later the judge also wasn't thrilled that the Trustees didn't seem to understand their roll versus the roll of the supervisor - my wording condensed version. I'm being tactful.

They keep saying it's old news but those who really follow this long saga know all that nnd the stuff between.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like audit results will be OK. Lots of unncessary noise once again by the trustees. Regardless, all trustees and Linda Moore should resign their positions so the communities can move forward.

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Moore has made great strides for our community.
To list a few-
Stopped unnecessary town hall, saved taxpayers over $400 per day in interest charges on unnecessary loan, started seniors programs like twice a month enrichment and health education presentations with free lunches, annual coat drive, SOS driver refreshing classes, monthly AARP driver safety/insurance discount programs at township hall, SOS mobile driver license renewal event, and a bi-annual electronic and document shredding event.

Anonymous said...

It's commonly known that a "regular" audit rarely uncovers any wrong-doing. In order to do things right, a forensic audit is in order. Remember that one? It was a big deal for Moore's close pals a few years ago, but not a peep is heard for the same audit in this instance. It helps to have friends in high places, right?

The only strides Moore has made are to and from the courthouse holding hands with her lawyer buddy. For someone with County Board aspirations, she better start filling those lawsuits against board members soon to get her free publicity in the press ASAP.