Sunday, July 31, 2011

Algonquin Marches In 51st Founders' Parade

Algonquin's 51st Founders' Days Parade Saturday included 115 units, about the same as last year's event, but temperatures were a lot hotter this time which might have had something to do with the procession's herky-jerky progress.

Lions carried Old Glory in the Parade's van

Founders' Honoree Jerry Glogowski usually hoofs the parade but said riding was nice for a change.

 Tootsie Pops held up the heat best Saturday.  Taffy didn't and let's not even talk about what happened to chocolate bars.

Even with wall-to-wall people, Public Works cleanup crews said spectators were remarkably conscientious this year about using trash containers.


Anonymous said...

This is always a fun parade. It has had a small town flavor for many years. Thanks to the committee who puts it together.


Anonymous said...

The Algonquin Lions Club thank all those present at the parade for their reception as our flag carriers passed. The military vets, who served tours in the Middle East, were proud to serve our Country, and we appreciate them helping our club.

The Algonquin Lions