Sunday, March 6, 2011

MSU Students Shelter At, Clean Up Lake In The Hills

A busload of Michigan State students spent Saturday morning sprucing up Lake in the Hills' Larsen and Barbara Key parks.  Part of a group called Students Today Leaders Forever, the group paid good money for the privilege and laughed as they did it in 29 degree (with flurries) temps.  MSU, as you'll recall, is the home of the Spartans.

What it was all about was STLF's Pay It Forward Tour, a nine-day service and leadership alternative to the annual college Spring Break tradition of heading for Lauderdale to get drunk and naked.

"That gets kind of empty," said Shelley Couch, student leader to the extent there was one.  "This way you provide service to communities and make bonds with the people you meet."

If that sounds too serious, the very fact the students were in LITH was almost a page out of Jack Kerouac.  The first stop was supposed to be another Chicago area community but things fell through at the last minute.  Fortunately, STLF intern Caitlin Plaza happened to have some connections, mainly to Dad Ed Plaza, which is how the students found themselves camping out in the Lake in the Hills Boardroom Friday night.  Even then sleep was short since they arrived two hours late.  "We were stuck in Chicago traffic.  You know how that is," said Couch.

Leaving behind piles of frozen brush, the tour left late Saturday morning hoping to get something to eat at their next stop in St. Louis.  They're supposed to be in beautiful downtown Pocahontas, AR, today before heading out again for Fayetteville, Oklahoma City and final destination Dallas.

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