Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Salvation Army Donations Up: "No Cutbacks"

"We are ecstatic," said McHenry County Salvation Army Major John Price Tuesday. "We do not have to make any cutbacks this year."

The 2010 Christmas season broke a local tradition. For the first time in 29 years no one dropped a one-ounce goldpiece in a McHenry County Salvation Army kettle but Price said the group managed to top its fundraising goal for the season, anyway.  The bar was set at $400,000, a 6 percent increase over 2009 and Price reported local donations totaled $400,576.  Probably more, since that doesn't include online giving and cellphone text donations yet to be calculated.  "This was the first year we had texting," Price said.

Donations to Army kettles actually fell about four percent but mail donations more than made up the difference rising more than 25 percent.  And even though none of the kettles revealed a one-ounce gold coin, Price said donors dropped in two smaller ones and a silverpiece as well.

"We are thoroughly humbled by the tremendous giving of the people of McHenry County," said Price. "we take this trust very seriously, to care for those in need as best we can.

In the pic: Kettle donations were down for the 2010 holiday season but total donations to the McHenry County Salvation Army increased.

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