Friday, January 21, 2011

Robinson Tells At-Risk Students "It's About Choices"

Algonquin Argonauts Head Coach (and, oh, yeah, ex-Bears wide receiver) Marcus Robinson drew a little energy Thursday from the upcoming playoff to try to show at-risk students at Dundee-Crown High School there's still a chance for them to make "the right choices".

Robinson met with three groups of (male) students in the school's C.A.R.E. mentorship program. "I came from the projects," Robinson told the kids.  "In fact my address was 250 Project Drive," he said.  "My dad was a heroin addict who left when I was four."

"I had that background," said Robinson.  "Guess what?  I had the opportunity to change it.  It's about the choices you make."

Afterward one youth thanked him for coming, then suddenly hugged the startled youth role model.

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Jeff Jenkins said...

I would like to commend Mr. Robinson on being such a inspiring 'Leader' in todays age of spoiled atheletes. My son participated in Marcus' camps a couple of years ago and still talks about how great he was. I am proud to see him in our community. Keep up the great work Marcus!!