Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pond Hockey: The Most Fun With (Warm) Clothes On

The puck shot off the rink into the snow Saturday morning at Woods Creek Lake and the referee (/linesman/scorekeeper) called it dead against the white team.  One of the whites thought it came off a black stick, though. He argued the call vehemently and at length.  Finally the ref appealed to the ultimate authority: "C'mon," he called, "it's Pond Hockey."

The ref had a point. Pond Hockey's sort of the winter equivalent to sandlot baseball. You rarely, for instance, see Jonathan Toews' feet shoot out from under him while he's waiting for the opening whistle but, judging by the play Saturday, it's not an uncommon occurrence in Pond Hockey.

The event was another experiment in roll-your-own fun from the Lake in the Hills Parks and Recreation Department. On its face, the only real mistake anyone made was underestimating the number of teams that wanted to sign up to play.  Entry was limited to just 12 teams but tourney organizer Trevor Bosack reported he fielded 48 other inquiries.  "We could have had 24 (teams), no problem," he said.

That wasn't quite right, either, though.  Twenty four teams would have overwhelmed facilities at Indian Trail Beach. Village Administrator Jerry Sagona said Saturday, "Look at the parking lot.  We're packed." 

Then a speculative look came into his eyes and he wandered off muttering about the Hain House and shuttle buses so the inside line on LITH Pond Hockey would be to look for a Second Annual Tournament next year. Only bigger.

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Anonymous said...

Shades of "Mystery Alaska"!
Lots of fun.