Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Judges Needed For D300 Science Fair

District 300 needs judges for its upcoming 54th Annual District 300 Robert E. Hart Science Fair Feb. 17 at Jacobs High School. The Fair includes experiments by students from D300's three high schools including Jacobs and Dundee-Crown as well as the winning projects from the four middle schools science fairs including Algonquin's and Westfield's.

Judges don't need to be expert in any particular science or, indeed, in any science at all, but they should be interested in talking with the students about their projects and helping to judge their efforts.

The signup form is here: http://www.d300.org/files/Science%20Fair%20-%20Judge%20registration%20form.doc

The deadline to register as a judge is next Thursday, Jan. 27.

In the pic:  "Don't worry, Mr. Twain, this experiment is safe as houses," said Nikola Tesla.  "I'll just stand back here."  

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