Monday, January 17, 2011

Area Gun Dealers Tout Personal Screening

Entrants at the McHenry County Gun Show at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn Sunday said they saw no falloff in attendance due to the Tucson massacre that left six dead a week before.

No photos of the show were allowed, though, for instance of the S&W race gun everybody wanted to examine.  Nickle-plated with a telescopic sight and underbarrel recoil counterweight, the automatic tagged at $500 would probably be hell on paper and steel range targets.  It was about as unobtrusive as a waffle iron, though.

There are legal restrictions on who can buy a firearm but Woodstock gun dealer Bob Zimmerman said the last line of defense against people like Jared Lee Loughner stand behind the counter at gunshops.  "I've had crazy people come in and I've turned them down," he said.

Arms trainer Rick Pere, Round Lake, echoed that.  "I've had people in my certification course and after a day I've said, 'You know, you don't really need a gun.' I won't certify them.  I won't  do it."

Zimmerman's working on a plan for a database of people who might be troubled and perhaps should be barred from owning a handgun. Such a list could add First Amendment problems to Second Amendment issues but,  "We need something so you can check people out," he said.

In the pic:  A few long guns going back to the shop after the McHenry County Gun Show Sunday.

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