Tuesday, June 15, 2010

District 300 Cuts $900,000 In Non-Teacher Salary

The District 300 Board of Education at full strength with newly-sworn Member Karen Plaza aboard approved compensation changes Monday that amounted to upwards of 4 percent salary reductions for administrators, secretaries and janitors and non-union support staff.  The measure was expected to save the district about $900,000 in the coming school year.

The District 300 Education Support Personnel Association voted last week to approve $550,000 in cuts to their salaries.  However, only days before the district's teacher's union rejected $2.2 million in compensation cuts charging administration and staff weren't taking a big enough hit making up for expected reductions in district state funding for the 2010-11 school year.

Administrators will see a 4.1 percent cut compensation cut next year, secretaries and janitors and teachers' aides 4.5 percent.  In a news release last week the district said teachers will see a 6.6 percent increase in compensation next year.

The District claims it will have only have 96 administrators next year, down from this years' 98.  How many teachers will be on hand depends on how much money the district has at the end of summer to hire back some of the roughly 180 let go for next year.

Monday's measures raised District 300's budget cuts for next year to a little over $12 million.  However district financial scriers predict a $15 million revenue shortfall for the coming year.

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Anonymous said...

Boy the teachers sure know how to give in don't they? 6.6 increase!!!