Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's The Matter With Kids? Check "Birdie"

Huntley High School Musical Theatre opened its production of the Broadway hit "Bye Bye Birdie" Friday at Huntley High.

Loosely inspired by the hooraw surrounding Elvis Presley's draft into the Army "Birdie", included the now-standby songs, "Put On A Happy Face" and "A Lot of Livin' To Do".

FEN's Mister Firstnighter has trouble reviewing "Bye Bye Birdie" since he enjoyed it so much when he was Master Firstnighter. The once-contemporary satire is now a beloved period piece. Probably best for audience members to make up their own minds.

Huntley High's "Bye Bye Birdie" runs again this evening at 7 pm and tomorrow at 3 pm, next Friday and Saturday at 7pm and next Sunday at 3 pm.  Tickets are $8, $6 for students and seniors.

In the pic:  "The telephone hour" scene from "Bye Bye Birdie" whose cast includes: Brandon Albright, Christian Aldridge, Madie Bartot, Jazmine Chartrand, Brittni Chung, Melissa Dahl, Tyler Darnell, D.J. Davis, Sierra Davis, Katherine Enciso, Adrian Fait, Joseph George, Abby Gleason, Brian Goldfarb, Sarah Greene, Lauren Jones, Sammy Kaster, Ashley Knipp, Dylan Ladd, Andrea Leiras, Sara Ann Lewis, Taylor Little, Zoar L√≥pez, Randy Magdangal, Marta Makowski, Joshua McKenney, Alex Morton, Meghan Murray, Chelsea Niles, Jessi Owensby, Gianna Pavone, Allie Plansky, Zach Polentini, Shaunna Proper, Sean Ramsaier, Andrew Rewerts, Patricia Riccardi, Kelsey Rosenorn, Jennifer Samson, Maria Sciortino, Cody Schwartz, Lindsay Spence, Olivia Stepp, Hunter Stewart, Jade Strong, Tiffany Tanski, Spencer Trippi, Bobby Volpendesta, Maddie Warner, Melissa Williams, Austin Wise, Amanda Wolch, Nick Ybarra, Amber Yedinak

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