Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Signs And Portents Everywhere In County Board Races

A skimpy voter turnout that didn't meet even Tuesday's morning's low (20 percent) expectations produced some surprises in McHenry County's Board races.

Since Democrats didn't put up candidates in most board races the primary contests are mostly the final results. The numbers posted by the County Clerk don't include votes that might still be in the mail but there'd have to be an unlikely number in transit to make a difference.

District One incumbent Yvonne Barnes appears to have been bumped by newcomer Bob Nowak, Cary's Director of Building Planning and  Zoning. Incumbent Anna May Miller seems to have retained her spot.
The vote was Nowak, 2,093; Miller, 1,990 and Barnes 1,799.

District Two incumbent Lyn Orphal was bounced by (among others) a newbie, Crystal Lake financial advisor Donna Kurtz.  Board President Ken Koehler retained his seat.

Kurtz came to prominence leading the opposition in MCC's minor league baseball stadium embroglio two years ago.  Koehler's been dogged by suspicions there must be something fishy about Metra's decision to (maybe) build a commuter station on land he bought 40 years ago but voters seem to have shrugged that off.The vote was Kurtz, 1,832; Koehler, 1,665; Ellen Brady Mueller, 993; Sandy DePaul, 608, and Orphal, 524.

John Jung, Jr., won nomination for the seat he lost last time in District 5.  Tina Hill won the same for her current spot.  The vote was Jung, 2,495; Hill, 2,410; Dave Frederick, 1,812.  Lake in the Hills' Jim Kennedy drew 1,404 Democratic votes to win nomination over on the other side.

In District Six incumbent Mary McCann kept her seat but Alden Road activist Diane Evertsen bounced Huntley's Dan Ryan.  McCann polled 2,541 votes; Evertsen 2,141; Vic Narusis 1,623; Ryan 1,589 and Dick Draper 1,045.

In District Three Nick Provenzano won nomination for the seat he lost last time as did incumbent Barb Wheeler. Ed Dvorak is retiring so didn't run. Democrat Lori McConville will contest with them in the general election.

In District Four incumbents Sandy Salgado and Pete Merkel won their nominations handily since no one else ran. Democrat Jeff Thirtyacre will provide some opposition in November.

Algonquin Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Maggie Auger won the Republican nomination for Kane County Board District 23 Tuesday. She'll face Democrat Linda M. Nuneman in November.
Details on other McHenry County races, including committeemen, are here:

Details for Kane County including Board Districts 23,24 and 25 are here:

In the pic:  Voting Tuesday at Algonquin Precinct 57 (across the room from Precinct 58) at Lake in the Hills Village Hall.

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