Saturday, February 6, 2010

Police Blotters

The filing of charges is not proof of guilt. A defendant charged is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial in which it is the state’s burden to prove his or her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Lake in the Hills
February 5
0112 HRS 100 BLOCK OF HUNTERS PATH. DOMESTIC. Boyfriend vs Girlfriend. Verbal only. No priors.
0156 HRS 1300 BLOCK OF CUNAT CT. ASSIST AMBULANCE Female, 36 years of age, having numbness on the left side. Transported to Sherman Hospital.
1310 HRS 9625 HALIGUS RD. (MARLOWE MIDDLE SCHOOL) ASSIST AMBULANCE. Male, 12 years of age, feels weak and dizzy. No transport.
1423 HRS 600 BLOCK OF GRACE DR. ASSIST AMBULANCE Male, 47 years of age, having abdominal pains. Transported to Sherman Hospital.
1913 HRS 2800 BLOCK OF BRISBANE DR. ASSIST AMBULANCE. Female, 55 years of age, fell. Transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital.
L10-01646 2333 HRS 100 BLOCK OF NORTHLIGHT PASS. ASSIST AMBULANCE Female, 38 years of age, feeling suicidal. Transport to Sherman Hospital.

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