Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Winner Yet For Republicans In Gov’s Race

By Benjamin Yount    
Two Republican candidates for governor say they’re the winner of yesterday’s primary, and a third says he might be. It could be days, at least, before Illinois Republicans will know who their candidate for governor will be this Fall.

Bloomington State Senator Bill Brady claimed the GOP’s top spot as his own in a victory speech to supporters.  Brady says it’s only “halftime” but says he is ready for the Democratic candidate.  Whoever that may be.

But State Senator Kirk Dillard went to bed saying he expected to be the nominee by the time he woke up.  Dillard says the remaining precincts, which were still unknown early this morning, should push him over the top.  Brady and Dillard are separated by just a few hundred votes.

Andy McKenna was a few thousand votes behind the pack, but he says he’s also still in the race.  McKenna wants all the votes counted, even if that takes a while.

The vote was fragmented in McHenry County but McKenna was the clear local leader polling 6,525 votes, followed by Dillard with 5,907 and Ryan with 5,302 votes.

Brady, Dillard, and McKenna are all expected to attend a Republican unity breakfast in Chicago later this morning.

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In the pic:  Downstater Bill Brady wasn't even on the radar a few days ago.  Not unlike Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

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