Monday, February 1, 2010

Marlowe Hydraulics Team Earns Plaudits

The District 158 Board honored a group of Marlowe Middle School eighth graders last week for winning the Overall Champion Award in a 12-team competition at Harper College last month.  Students Peter Campbell, Michelle Caputi, Joanna Gourley, and Adam Sundling designed and built the winning prototype of a machine using hydraulic power.

The competition challenged students to solve an engineering problem using fluid power technology by designing and constructing fluid power mechanisms. The gizmo had to pick an object from one platform, rotate and place it on another. Besides thenumber of pick-and-place cycles a team's mechanism completed, each team's design approach and teamwork skills were evaluated.. 

In the pic:  The winners at the Harper competition, from left, Joanna Gourley, Adam Sundling, Peter Campbell, Michelle Caputi and Coaches Lori Knasiak and Elaine Lorinczi.


Paul said...

Isn't Marlowe in D158

First Electric Newspaper LLC said...

Brain Fade in the fingers again. Thanks.--ed.