Friday, February 5, 2010

Dan Hynes Concedes To Gov. Quinn

By Ashley Badgley
The Democratic race for governor is over. Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes conceded to Gov. Pat Quinn Thursday in the Democratic primaries and offered him full support for the general election in November. Hynes finished just a few thousand votes behind Quinn in Tuesday’s primary.

But Hynes, who was overcome with emotion, said a recount or further challenge would not be worth it.

“People have spoken and the votes have been counted and I’m here to report we rose up and fell just a little short,” Hynes said.  Hynes said although he disagrees in some philosophy with Quinn, he believes his campaign is offering much more than the still unknown GOP candidate.

“Gov. Quinn and I had disagreements, we have different philosophies and words get heated,” Hynes said. Quinn then held his own press conference accepting Hynes’ concession.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Nathan Daschle said with Quinn’s victory, the Democrats are ahead in terms of the working on the general election in November. “While the Republicans will likely spend the next several weeks talking to judges and lawyers, we look forward to talking to voters,” Daschle said in a statement.

In the pic: Hynes during the campaign.

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