Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grafton Township Looks For New Clerk

Looking for a side gig? How does this sound?  A $10,000 per year year part-time job with no set hours and full medical and dental? Wow. There's just one hitch. It's at Grafton Township.  In fact it's the Clerk of Grafton Township.

Clerk Dina Frigo's rumored letter of resignation, effective Feb. 4, showed up in the township mail Tuesday.  Supervisor Linda Moore and Trustee Rob LaPorta both said Frigo's departure was to take a better full-time job and had nothing to do with the ongoing battle between Moore and township trustees.  Frigo couldn't be reached but at the last board meeting claimed "there have been probably 19 (instances of harassment)" by Moore.

That quote's on a video Moore's husband made of the board's Dec. 14 meeting, a link to which has been posted on the Grafton Township website from the Supervisor's page for several weeks. The page and link are still there but the tab to reach them is gone now.  Assessor Bill Ottley said Tuesday he removed it at the instruction of Township Attorney Keri-Lynn Krafthefer.  "When I'm told by an attorney to do something, I generally do it," said Ottley.

LaPorta said Tuesday trustees hadn't authorized Moore to post the video of the rancorous meeting.  "It's just another example of Linda Moore doing whatever she wants," he said.

Bryan Smith, Executive Director of Township Officials of Illinois said filling the rest of the Frigo's term involves the board's appointing a replacement.  He said there's no set procedure for creating a pool of applicants, though. Moore and Laporta said anyone interested should send a resume to the township.

Here's a direct link to the semi-banished page: . Click "information center" for the video which is in chunks.

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