Sunday, December 27, 2009

Heavy Snow Damps Day After Christmas

The weatherman wrote a snowy coda Saturday to what may have been a holding action holiday season for retailers.  The day after Christmas is usually a final sales jolt as shoppers look for bargains but a record snowstorm blanketed the Midwest likely putting a damper on Day After Christmas sales.

State, County, township and municipal trucks worked overtime to keep streets and highways clear but the constant snow made plowing a continual process.  Retailers' parking lots presented another problem: it's hard to plow snow with a car sitting on top of it.

The Boxing Day storm brought about 10 inches of snow to eastern McHenry County.  Other parts of the central and upper Midwest saw record snows of 12 to 18 inches, plus high winds in Nebraska and the Dakotas.

Scattered reports from merchants around the country suggest shoppers continued the frugal buying that made last year's Christmas a retail disappointment.  Based on the pattern of visits to FEN, local shoppers went to the stores in the week after Thanksgiving but then sat on their wallets until a few days ago.

In the pics: (above)  IDOT trucks sometimes worked in teams as, for instance, this pair of plows at County Line about to turn onto Randall. (below)  Clearing local parking lots proved tricky, too.


Cal Skinner said...

Top photo is marvelous!

First Electric Newspaper LLC said...

Thanks. Left-handed out the window driving with my right.--ed.