Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lottery Results For County Ballot Position Revealed

An informed and involved electorate is all well and good but sometimes politics comes down to whose name is listed first on the ballot so Wednesday's lottery for that position among simultaneous petition filers could eventually prove to have been important.

There was a mob of office seekers lined up at the county clerk's office waiting for it to open on the first day of petition filing last week.  Among them were simultaneous filers, all Republican, for six county offices.  Here's how yesterday's lottery shook out (literally):

1. Keith Nygren
2. Zane Seipler

County Board Dist. 1
1. Yvonne M. Barnes
2. Anna May Miller

County Board Dist. 2
1. Lynda (Lyn) Orphal
2. Kenneth D. "Ken" Koehler
3. Donna Kurtz

County Board Dist. 3
1. Karen J. Tynis
2. Veronica A. Armstrong
3. Nick Provenzano

County Board Dist. 5
1. Tina Hill
2. John P. Jung, Jr.

County Board Dist. 6
1. Victor J. Narusis
2. Richard C. Draper
3. Diane Evertsten
4. Daniel P. Ryan

Absent simultaneous filing ballot position is first-come-first-served.

In the pic:  Simultaneous filing candidates observe the decision of the Fates as County Clerk Katherine Schultz pulls numbered balls from a little plastic jug used so long even she can't remember its provenance.

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