Thursday, August 13, 2009

Break Delays Miller Road Reconstruction In LITH

Lake in the Hills workers toiled Wednesday to repair a water main break at Crystal Lake Road and Lee Street that sent a geyser three feet into the air according to witnesses, washing tons of fill down the road.

The problem surfaced, literally, Tuesday. Crews installed a sleeve to repair the break but the fix didn't hold when pressure was returned to the main. Wednesday workers were preparing what they hoped was a more durable replacement. This morning the crater had been refilled and repaved.

Public Works Director Fed Mullard said the break appeared to stem from installation three weeks ago of a new storm sewer that crosses the main. "We're working with the contractor on that. It mostly impacted his own work and he's going to have to absorb that," he said.

The sewer was part of a major reconstruction of Miller Road between Randall and Crystal Lake Road that's been underway for the past month. That project which has seen residents of "The Presidents" area jolting semi cross-country to reach their homes won't be delayed much by the water break said Mullard. "We should have the final paving done by the end of next week."

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