Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ID Theft Case Ends in Arrest

A 21 year-old McHenry woman employed in Algonquin is being held in McHenry County Jail charged with identity theft and forgery following a six-month Sheriff's investigation.

Karina Orduna-Ramirez is charged with purchasing two cars using the identity on a Social Security card lost in Monroe, WI, eight years ago. Investigators said she obtained her job using the card as well.

Orduna-Ramirez was arrested in Algonquin last week and is being held for immigration authorities. Arrested Monday and charged with conspiring in identity theft was 35 year-old Jose Luis Gonzalez-Diaz, Crystal Lake.
Investigators said the Wisconsin woman whose identity was stolen became suspicious early this year when a credit report listed transactions she had not made.

Sheriff's Sergeant Mike Cisner said the case was unusual only in that it ended in arrest. "It's a long drawn out frustrating paper chase normally," he said with only about one in four cases being resolved. Cisner estimated his department spent 60 hours on the Orduna-Ramirez investigation.

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