Friday, June 24, 2016

Kane Deputy Indicted For McHenry County Drug Possession

A State Police spokesman would not confirm that a Kane County Deputy who lives in Woodstock turned herself in at the North Central Narcotics Task Force Office in Huntley Friday afternoon.  Thursday a McHenry County Grand Jury returned three indictments against Kimberly Zinke for felony drug possession.  Zinke, 38, a member of the Kane County Sheriff's evidence unit, has been on administrative leave since last April, without pay for the past two months, according to a FEN FOIA inquiry.

Thursday's indictments for possession of three different controlled prescription substances were officially sealed until Zinke was taken into custody.  The charges stemmed from a warrant search at her residence last April 21 conducted at the request of the Kane County Sheriff's Office.  Last May Chief Judge Michael Sullivan appointed the Lake County State's Attorney to act as a special prosecutor in the case after McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi said that would "avoid the appearance of impropriety".   Zinke is the wife of former McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke, a protege of Bianchi's political foe, former Sheriff Keith Nygren.

A Lake County State's Attorney's spokesman said it took 14 months to bring the case before a grand jury because it involved multiple police jurisdictions and states attorneys from three counties.  One source close to the investigation told FEN the case was also delayed for months awaiting results of  State criminal laboratory tests of evidence seized in the search.

The indictments of Kimberly Zinke had not been entered into the Circuit Clerk's filing system this afternoon, but according to an informed source, they specify neither the quantity of drugs involved nor their source.

Zinke's bail was set Thursday at $1,000 against a $10,000 bond to appear in McHenry County Circuit Court July 28.

In the pic:  Kane County Deputy Kimberly Zinke and her husband at a GOP fundraiser in Algonquin in 2011.

Udate: Monday a spokesman confirmed that Kimberly Zinke turned herself in to NCNTF Friday afternoon at Huntley PD where she posted bail and was released.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Publisher's note:  The paper publications in the area grossly erred on one biggish story and, apparently,  overlooked the actual news in another during the past month.  They had almost 100 percent success running press releases, though.

I'm talking with some people.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

McHenry Dems Pick Rep. Jack Franks For County Board Chairman

The McHenry County Democratic Central Committee in caucus Sunday picked 63rd District State Rep. Jack Franks to run against Republican  Mike Walkup to become the County's first directly-elected County Board Chairman in November.  Saturday the Committee added nominees for two more Board Districts, slating Lake in the Hills Trustee Paula Yensen to run in District 5 and Cary resident Kathryn Potter in District 1.

Franks still has to circulate and file nominating petitions for the Chairman's spot but Sunday's choice makes him unofficially a candidate for two offices simultaneously.   He told Central Committee members he would abandon the race to represent all but the southeast corner of McHenry County in Springfield next term as soon as they can pick a replacement.  Later, in a First Electric Newspaper interview, Franks qualified that saying he'd give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who's both "electable" and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.  Franks won the Democratic Primary unopposed.  Harvard attorney Steve Reick was the GOP winner.

The vote for Franks as Board Chairman candidate wasn't unanimous, however,  Former Algonquin County Board Member Nick Chirikos was the lone naysayer.  "He has never supported our local party in any way, shape or form until it suited his interests," Chirikos told FEN.

Crystal Lake lawyer Mike Walkup won the Republican Primary for County Board Chair but Franks didn't have much to say about his new opponent besides scoffing at his defense in the still unfolding County Board IMRF possibly fraudulent pensions controversy.  "C'mon.  You're an attorney and you didn't read what you were signing?" he snarked..

What Franks briefly outlined sounded more like a campaign against the entire McHenry County Board, currently an exclusively Republican domain.  "I feel compelled to fix the problems created by this Board," he said.  "I'm embarrassed by the inefficiency and the corruption they've created." 

Franks said he'd push to shrink the Board from 24 members, 4 at large in each of  6 districts, to only 16 in as many single-member ones.  "That would be representative," he said.  He also said he wanted to shrink the number of Board committees from 12 to 7.

Separately, Yensen told FEN that LITH trustee and County Board member are legally incompatible offices so if she wins a return to the County Board she will resign her seat on the Village panel.

Franks told fellow candidates the way to victory was to get out and campaign hard every day.  He said that's what he planned to do, only not yet because the Legislature will be in session for the next couple of weeks.

In the pic:  State Rep. Jack Franks handing petitions for his McHenry County Board Chairman nomination to Paula Yensen who'll have to circulate petitions of her own to run for the County Board in District 5.

Monday, May 2, 2016

First Electric Newspaper Closing

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
There are thousands to prophesy failure;
There are thousands to point to you one by one,
The dangers that wait to assail you.
But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,
Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing,
'Til it dawns on you, no one can do it. 
--Martin T. Ringer's version of Edgar Guest's
   poem "It Couldn't Be Done"

Sunday was the final day of daily publication for the First Electric Newspaper.  During the past seven years FEN published an estimated 7,500 local news stories for and about Algonquin, Lake in the Hills and Huntley and another 2,500 state ones.  With FEN's cessation, the three villages and their 84,500 residents will, once again, find themselves living in, if not a local news desert, certainly a semi-arid wasteland.

By 2009, newspapers (and broadcasters) were clearly declining media while everything on the Web was growing.  FEN was an experiment to see if it was possible to adapt an old fashioned local newspaper to the Internet.  The result, editorially, was that, with a lot of compromises, it probably can.  Financially, the outcome was less clear.  For the kind of money it would take to maybe make it work, a businessman could buy a fast food franchise and make twice the bucks. 

Insofar as FEN specifically is concerned, the biggest limitation turned out to be personal.  I, myself, simply can't physically sustain 70 to 80 hours work per week anymore.  While I might be willing to die for democracy, I'm not ready to kill myself over it.  So this part of the experiment's over.  Thanks, readers, for being guinea pigs. 

Watch early next year for my forthcoming book about local news.  The working title's "Lose Weight, Have Better Sex And Cheat Death --The Easy Way."  Sometimes you've gotta go with the flow.

--pete gonigam

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Huntley Celebrates Finish For HHS Expansion Project

Huntley D158 Superintendent John Burkey wielded the scissors Saturday at a Ribbon Cutting ceremony and Open House to commemorate the completion of construction at Huntley High School.  The event marked the official finish of a two-year $35 million project to expand HHS capacity from 2,000 to an expected 3,000 students.

A new HHS field house, revamped  library, cafeteria and football stadium all went into service this year.  Saturday's event celebrated completion of a new west wing, including six new science labs and four more classrooms.  The project was paid for with funds from a $40 million Illinois Capital Development Grant four years ago which represented the State's share of the cost to help build D158's Square Barn Campus and Marlow Middle School if the program hadn't run out of money back in 2003.

Not too coincidentally, the District announced today that HHS has been named to the Washington Post's national “Most Challenging Schools” list for the second year in a row.  “We are always pleased to receive national recognition for the high-quality education we provide to students,” said Burkey. “While this list focuses on just a sliver of the overall learning environment, it is a strong reflection of the work we continue to do to expand access and achievement on Advanced Placement and other high-level opportunities for students.”

The list primarily reflects the Post’s own Challenge Index score, which measures the number of college-level tests given at a school in the previous calendar year divided by the number of graduates that year.  All 74 Illinois schools ranked are listed here:

In the pic:  Huntley High's new bigger and better science labs were popular at Saturday's HHS Ribbon Cutting ceremony and Open House.



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Hastert Gets 15 Months, Sex Offender Treatment For Old Abuse
Rauner Hopes For Budget "Grand Compromise" Before Session End
Algonquin, LITH Board Try To Get Right With Supremes On Signs
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National Drug Take Back Set Saturday, Locally Available Any Time
Chinese Company Buys Motorola White Elephant In Harvard
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Rauner Signs Higher Ed Bill, Calls It "First Step"
McHenry County Dems Plan County Board Chairman Candidate
Tree Mitigation Might Kickstart Brunner Preserve Restoration
Migratory Bird Centennial Scheduled For Hackmatack Refuge
Munger Warns Higher Ed Payments May Take Until July

K-9 Search Fails To Find Pistol-Armed Robber In Huntley

Huntley police are still searching today for a reported robber who brandished a black automatic pistol demanding cash register contents from the clerk at the Princeton Drive 7-11 store at about 3 am Saturday morning.  Deputy Chief Mike Klunk said that even though the robber fled on foot,  an area search by HPD officers and the Kane County Sheriff's K-9 unit was unable to find him.

Klunk said the clerk reported the robber as a male African American, short, dressed in black clothing with his hands and face covered.  He said 7-11 auditors were still trying to determine how much money was stolen.

Klunk asked anyone that can provide additional information is asked to call the Huntley Police Department at (847) 515-5311 or the anonymous  Huntley Police Tip Line at (847) 515-5333.

Algonquin Guardsman Top Soldier In State Competition

A National Guardsman from Algonquin will compete in Ohio in two weeks to become the Midwest region Soldier of the Year.  Spc. Tycjan Sieradzki, 21, of Algonquin, a member of the 244th Digital Liaison Detachment based in Chicago, took top state honors last month.

Sieradzki finished third in the state's Best Warrior Competition a year ago, obviously good but not the best.  “It feels great to win,” said Sieradzki. “I just hope that by coming back and winning this year after losing last time motivates some of the soldiers in my unit to step up and do the same thing.”  The Best Warrior Competition pits soldiers against each other in a multitude of events designed to test their physical fitness, mental toughness, and their competence at warrior skills.

Sieradzki topped  nearly 10,000 of his fellows in the Illinois Army National Guard through platoon, company, and battalion-level boards to win the state competition.  If he wins the regional contest, he'll still face the National Guard’s national competition and then the final Army-wide one later this year.

In the pic: Spc. Tycjan Sieradzki

Illinois Mitsubishi Plant Sold To Canadian Liquidator

A Canada-based auction house and liquidator this weekend bought the Mitsubishi auto plant in Normal which cost the State $300 million in location incentives over a 23 year span.  No terms were announced Friday and a Mitsubishi spokesman said he didn't know what the new owner planned to do with the factory.

"We do not know their future plans for the site and equipment," said Dan Irvin, general manager of corporate communications for Mitsubishi.   Buyer Maynards Industries is the world’s largest liquidator of automotive machine equipment and sold 16 General Motors plants from 2009 to 2012. The company's also worked with automakers such as Toyota, Ford and Nissan.

Local and state officials have been trying for nine months to find a buyer for the the 2.4 million-square-foot facility that ceased production in November and will permanently close at the end of the month.  Mitsubishi produced 200,000 cars a year at the Normal plant in the early 2000s but for the past decade production never rose higher than half that.


John M. Hybl, 71 of Sun City, Huntley, died Friday at Journeycare in Woodstock following a lengthy illness.  Visitation will be Tuesday from 3 to 5 pm with prayers at 4:30 at the DeFiore-Jorgensen Funeral & Cremation Service, Huntley.

Hybl was born March 27, 1945, in Chicago, the son of John F. and Cecelia Kochanek Hybl. He married Linda M. Fiedler on May 13, 1967.  He is survived by his wife; daughter, Diane (Anthony) Ippolito of Bartlett; grandchildren, Kimberly and Alex and his mother.  He was preceded in death by his father and son, Jason


Police Blotters

The filing of charges is not proof of guilt. A defendant charged is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial in which it is the state’s burden to prove his or her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  For individuals subsequently found not guilty or against whom a charge is dismissed, FEN will add a notation here upon submission of a court record.
Lake in the Hills
April 30
1225 HRS RAKOW RD. & MCHENRY AVE.  DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED.  HUBER, CHRISTOPHER K., M/W 23 YEARS OF AGE, 206 RIVERBEND DR., GENOA.  CHARGES: Driving While License Revoked, Failure to Yield to an Emergency vehicle.  RELEASED ON BOND.
1824 HRS 3000 BLOCK OF RONAN DR.  WANTED ON WARRANT.  KILDAY, KARLEY ANN, F/W 24 YEARS OF AGE, 3031 RONAN DR., LAKE IN THE HILLS.  CHARGE: Wanted on Warrant, McHenry County Sheriff’sOffice, Failure to Appear on a Traffic Offense. Bond: $2500 @ 10%.  RELEASED ON BOND.
1026 HRS LAKEWOOD RD. & ALGONQUIN RD.  INJURY ACCIDENT.  Three vehicles. Female, with a facial injury. Transported to Sherman Hospital.
1643 HRS 3600 BLOCK OF CHADWICK LN.  BURGLARY FROM MOTOR VEHICLE.  Delayed.  Items removed from an unsecured vehicle.  TURNED OVER TO INVESTIGATIONS.
1657 HRS 10 BLOCK OF WOODY WAY.  SUICIDAL SUBJECT.  Female, 45 years of age, made suicidal statements.  Transported to Sherman Hospital.
1707 HRS PYOTT RD. & ALGONQUIN RD.  ACCIDENT.  Two vehicles.  Property damage only.
1707 HRS 100 BLOCK NORTHLIGHT PASS.  DOMESTIC BATTERY.  Husband vs. Wife.  No priors.  FAIL TO FILE.
1805 HRS RANDALL RD. & POLARIS DR.  ACCIDENT.  Two vehicles.  Property damage only.
1824 HRS 3000 BLOCK OF RONAN DR.  DOMESTIC.  Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend.  Verbal only.  Four priors.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

More Problems Surface For McHenry County Clerk

More problems surfaced this week for McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan, already the target of criticism for her handling of the Primary Election.  A former employee filed a civil suit Friday charging her with assault a week before voting day.  Meanwhile, some local government officials and candidates complained her online version of the State-required Statement of Economic Interest form due Monday wasn't working.

Veteran Clerk's employee, Maria Ramos Warnecke, 51, of Harvard filed a complaint in McHenry County Circuit Court Friday charging McClellan "in a fit of rage thrust her hands and arms in the direction of [Warnecke's] face" on March 7.  The complaint asks for "more than $50,000" in presumed, nominal and punitive damages.

McClellan told FEN Warnecke was the one who created an uproar during a dispute over how to help an elderly Huntley couple with early voting so she fired her on the spot.  McClellan said there was no police involvement in the incident. Warnecke's complaint isn't set for a scheduling conference until the end of July.

McClellan admitted some officials had trouble using her online Economic Interests form.  "They were trying to save the wrong, thing," she said, reporting that she added more specific instructions including screen shots to the form page on her website. If that's not enough, she said, "They can still file it the usual way."

State law requires the form to be filed with county clerks every year by elected officials, candidates and non-elected decision makers in both State and local governments.  It's supposed to list, among other things, an individual's Illinois business interests and the name of anyone who gave him a gift worth more than $500.  If it's filed late, there are fines depending on how late.  A downloadable version's also available on the Secretary of State's website here:

A State Board of Elections review this week concluded some McHenry County voters may have been unable to cast ballots in last month's Primary because of County Clerk computer problems and said poll workers had difficulty communicating with the office on election day.

Huntley Heritage Site For 2016 Street Improvements

Huntley's Heritage subdivision will the the site this year for the Village's  2016 Street Improvement Program.  Thursday trustees approved a $759,000 contract for grinding and overlay, spot curb and gutter rehab and ADA curb ramp upgrades on about 3.4 miles of streets in the neighborhood.  The cost of the whole project, $860,000, will come out of Huntley's share of the State's Motor Fuel Tax.

Construction's expected to begin in June with work set to finish by Aug. 5.

Huntley Downtown Ladies Night Out Planned Thursday

The Village of Huntley plans to hold its first Ladies Night Out in the Downtown from 6 to 9 pm Thursday which happens to be Cinco de Mayo. Food, pampering, special deals and promotions are promised after check in at the Huntley Chamber Office on Coral Strete to receive a game board and map with the participating businesses. Sporting a Cinco de Mayo outfit or accessories at the check in qualifies ladies to win an extra Chamber sponsored prize.

Besides the Chamber, Downtown stopoffs include the American Legion Hall, Sammy's Restaurant, Sal's Pizz Place, Century 21 Realtors, Shampooch and Kitty, Visit McHenry County, Elated Boutique, Morkes Chocolates, Parkside Pub and Strode's Colonial Vermont Furniture.

Redistricting Reform Group Claims Double Required Signatures

A statewide coalition advocating legislative redistricting reform announced Friday that it's collected more than twice the number of signatures needed to place the amendment question on the ballot in November.  "Illinois voters deserve a chance to replace the current, flawed system and have their legislative district maps drawn by an independent commission in a transparent and fair manner," said Dennis FitzSimons, Chair of Independent Maps.

Spokesmen said that, after review, Independent Maps will submit petitions with at least twice the minimum of 290,216 signatures of registered voters before the May 9 deadline. The proposed amendment would remove the legislature's direct involvement in drawing its own boundaries and replace it with a more complicated method that supporters argue would remove politics from the process.  Probably not coincidentally, however,  two other redistricting proposals are moving through the Legislature.   Independent Maps supporters charge they still leave politicians significant oversight of the process.

"My opinion is they're both attempts to try to get so the legislators can say, 'We voted for something,' and that's it, which is pretty pathetic when you think about it," said Bill Daley, former Barack Obama chief of staff and son and brother of two Chicago mayors, a coalition member.

Gov. Bruce Rauner said Friday the Independent Maps measure was the one that ought to go forward.  "What we don't want to do is confuse voters, and it would not be productive to have several constitutional amendments on redistricting on the ballot at the same time," Rauner said.

In the pic:  Former State Rep. Kathy Ryg, D-Vernon Hills, with petitions carrying an estimated 580,000 signatures asking for a legislative redistricting amendment to the State Constitution.



Police Blotters

The filing of charges is not proof of guilt. A defendant charged is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial in which it is the state’s burden to prove his or her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  For individuals subsequently found not guilty or against whom a charge is dismissed, FEN will add a notation here upon submission of a court record.
Lake in the Hills
April 29
1143 HRS 00 BLOCK OF MEDINAH CT.  FOUND ARTICLE.  A bicycle.  Entered into Evidence.
1243 HRS PYOTT RD. & ALGONQUIN RD.  ACCIDENT.  Two vehicles.  Property damage only.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Compromise Possible In Huntley Business Expansion Squabble

Huntley Trustees hammered out a tentative compromise Thursday with a businessman who wanted to expand his operation across the Village border into unincorporated McHenry County:  keep all the new amenities inside Huntley.

Trustees weren't pleased earlier this month with entrepreneur Marc Tintner's plan to add volleyball and bocce ball courts, horseshoe pits and an open entertainment area with beverage and food service east of his Tee 2 Green Indoor Golf  facility since the area at Ruth and Huntley Dundee roads is just outside the Village's municipal limit.  Concerned they'd have no say about liquor sales, law enforcement, restrooms and lighting, they directed Village staffers to oppose the request before the McHenry County Zoning Board of Appeals.

Calling for more information, the ZBA tabled the request so Tintner was before the Huntley Board Thursday  to see if there wasn't some way to reach an accord.  "The idea is not to create an eyesore but to create a fun area," he said.

Even with fences and a promise to shut down outdoor athletics at 11  pm, trustees remained leary.  "We [still] don't have any jurisdiction," observed John Piwko.  Finally Mayor Chuck Sass asked Tintner if the whole proposed shebang couldn't just be moved from east of Tee 2 Green, outside the Village, to south of it which would be be within it.

Tintner replied he could probably do that.  "It would still have to come back to [the Board] with a site plan," reminded Village Manager Dave Johnson.  Tintner said he'd work on the new idea with Village staff but said he couldn't appear before the Board before May 12.

In the pic:  An outdoor athletics area proposed east of Huntley's Tee 2 Green Indoor Golf facility might be sited to the south, instead, under a possible compromise.

Weekend Weather In A Word: Blecch

A gloomy, wet weekend is in store for the region, as an area of low pressure moves slowly east across the Midwest. Today will probably be the driest of the next couple of days, according to the National Weather Service.  Forecasters expect rain to spread across the area Saturday lingering into Sunday with temperatures in the 50's, well below normal.  Monday and Tuesday should bring some clearing and warmer temps but highs are still expected to be a little less than usual for this time of year, according to meteorologists.

MCC Spring Job Fair Scheduled Next Friday

McHenry County College will host it's annual Spring Job Fair next Friday in the Multipurpose Room/Gym, in Building A from 10 am to 1 pm.  Job seekers do not need to pre-register for the free event.  However, all candidates are advised to dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes to distribute to prospective employers.

At this morning's count, 85 employers are scheduled to be on hand at the event.  A list of them's available here:

The Job Fair's open to Students, Alumni and Community Members.  It's held in partnership with, besides MCC,  the McHenry County Workforce Network, McHenry County Economic Development Corporation, Senator Pam Althoff, and Representative Barb Wheeler.

Questions go to (815) 455-8576 .

Groups Seek To Restore Legal Protection For First Responders

The Illinois Municipal League and the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois jointly warned this week that without new legislation, police and firefighters will be at risk of being sued for the way they respond to emergency calls.  IML president Brad Cole said lawmakers need to act because of a January State Supreme Court decision that junked long-standing protections against lawsuits.

The doctrine the Court struck down held that units of government and their employees have a duty to protect the well-being of the community as a whole rather than that of individual people. Under the "public duty rule", if, as in Will County in 2008, there are two different calls for one ambulance, lawyers can't second guess dispatchers' decisions later.  Justice Thomas Kilbride's opinion called the rule  “muddled and inconsistent”

Pat Devaney, president of the Associated Firefighters of Illinois said Sentate Bill 3070 would restore protection. “Never should a first-responder have to worry about the legal ramifications of an effort to save a life."  Devaney said, otherwise, the ruling could lead to “a cottage industry of frivolous lawsuits aiming to capitalize on the suffering of others.”

The Illinois Trial Lawyers Association opposes the measure, however.  “We certainly don’t want to encourage frivolous lawsuits,” said President Perry Browder. “But at the same time, we don’t want to encourage reckless conduct or intentional disregard [by public safety employees] because that harms the public, harms our citizens and puts people at risk.”

The Municipal League and Firefighters called a news conference about the bill this week because even though  it was introduced in mid-February. It still hasn't been assigned to a committee for a hearing.


Jennie L. Wessman, 70 of Huntley died Wednesday at Autumn Leaves in St. Charles.  Visitation will be Saturday from 10 am to 1:30 pm at the DeFiore-Jorgensen Funeral Home, Huntley.  Visitation will continue Monday at St. Mary Catholic Church, Huntley, followed by a Funeral Mass at 1:30.   Entombment will be in Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside.

Wessman was born July 28, 1945, in Chicago the daughter of Joseph and Joan Obrakta Antonucci. She married Oscar C. Wessman on Jan.  23, 1971.  She is survived by her husband; daughter, Lisa (Mike) Earnest of St. Charles; son, Eric Wessman of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and her granddaughter, Daphne.  She was preceded in death by her parents.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Journeycare Foundation.


Police Blotters

The filing of charges is not proof of guilt. A defendant charged is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial in which it is the state’s burden to prove his or her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  For individuals subsequently found not guilty or against whom a charge is dismissed, FEN will add a notation here upon submission of a court record.
Lake in the Hills
April 28
0804 HRS HALIGUS RD. & REED RD.  ACCIDENT.  Two vehicles. Property damage only.
2006 HRS CRYSTAL LAKE RD. & HILLTOP DR.  FOUND ARTICLE.  A piece of lawn equipment.  Entered in Evidence.
2012 HRS 00 BLOCK OF HADDON CT.  DOMESTIC.  Father vs. Son.  One Prior.
2041 HRS 1100 BLOCK OF RIDGEWOOD CIRCLE.  DOMESTIC.  Ex-Husband vs. Ex-Wife and Stepdaughter. No Priors.
April 26
22:50pm LoCicero, Dawn, 02/08/1971, of 206 E. Algonquin Rd, was arrested on two warrants for Retail Theft from Cook County.  She was taken into custody at the same location and transported to the McHenry County Jail.
April 27
00:34am Huerta, Andres H., 05/07/1985, of 11711 Kenneth Ave., Huntley, was charged with Possession of Cannabis.  He was taken into custody at 4053 W. Algonquin Rd.  He was issued a Notice to Appear in the Algonquin Municipal Court.
03:01am Dunteman, Jacob R., 04/05/1993, of 722 Concord Dr., Crystal Lake, was charged with DUI.  He was taken into custody at 1708 S. Randall Rd.  He was released after posting bond with a court date in McHenry County.
08:10am Greene, Darrian K., 01/12/1994, of 11715 Woodcreek Drive, East Dundee, was arrested on a warrant out of Kane County.  He was taken into custody at 2600 Harnish Dr. and turned over to the Kane County Sheriff.